We add sincerity
and innovation
to what it
existed before


baby’s health is the
mother’s happiness.

We dedicate to product development for
your happiness and your little one's health,
with the ultimate pureness and
softness made of bamboo.

We add sincerity and innovation
to what it existed before

We keep thinking and adjusting for the best and never compromise
with easier ways.
We fulfill our duties of Quality first Management
and insist on 100% made in Korea from fabric to sewing.

Our self-developed Textile Engineering

Bamboobebe makes it different
with the same bamboo fiber.
We aim to deliver pure and soft touch from nature,
with our long established textile technology.

Our Passion for Innovative Products

Our products are born through countless tests and worries.
They are more than you see with your eyes,
they are made with experts’ cool heads and mothers’
warm hearts. We value every single feedback from customers,
keep testing and revising to make it the best.

Our Passion is proved
by certificates and patents.

Our tireless and countless challenges
and experiments to accomplish your baby's
safety and your convenience are proved by
certificates and patents not only research.

에코텍스 인증을 받은 제품만 사용하고 있습니다.
특히 더욱 예민한 영유아 브랜드 밤부베베 대나무 섬유는
화이버(솜)도 에코텍스 인증을 받은 제품만을 사용하며
대표 완제품(손수건, 사각기저귀류)은
직접 에코텍스 인증을 받아 제품의 신뢰를 더하고 있습니다.

밤부베베 브랜드 비디오

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